Nice Try – Josh Gondelman

Albert: There are a lot of good things to say about Gondelman as a writer. He was witty and insightful in his observations about people. He was also honest, self-aware, and shared many relatable experiences. So reading the book was almost uniformly a pleasant experience. But the book never really rose above being “pretty funny” or “fairly interesting.” And from time to time, particularly when a story he was telling didn’t resonate strongly with me, I felt like his hodgepodge of stories could use a stronger sense of direction. Rating: B+

Kevin: Most of the stories were very relatable, which made Nice Try pretty enjoyable to read. On top of that, the way Gondelman reacts to different circumstances (e.g., purchasing drugs or cooking for someone) sounded exactly like how would react. So in some sense, I almost felt like I was receiving advice from an older sibling. Of course, I don’t have the talent or guts to pursue a career in comedy, but this book allowed me to peruse the inner dialogue of somebody who has. Rating: B+

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