Naïve. Super – Erlend Loe

Albert: This book was a peculiar one and I wasn’t quite sure what to make of it. Since it’s written in first-person, the tone is dictated by the protagonist, a man in his twenties suffering from an existential crisis. The way he navigates and reacts to the world is unusual — kind of child-like in its simplicity and straightforwardness — but the story is so understated that I think I found it to be more boring than interesting overall. But there is an odd sort of mood attached to the story that I could imagine would appeal to some audiences. Rating: B

Kevin: This book reminded me of The Pleasure of My Company and The Rosie Project. Roughly speaking, in all three books, a single, quirky man meets an attractive woman and his life changes forever. (Is this lad lit?) It sounds boring and indeed, the story lines are pretty simple. But the narrator is thoughtful and relatable, and I think that’s what makes the novel compelling. The humorous and endearing scenes help too. Rating: A-

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