The Rosie Project – Graeme Simsion

Albert: This book reminded me of another good book, The Pleasure of My Company, as they both center on highly idiosyncratic male protagonists. In The Rosie Project, we follow a professor named Don Tillman whose life is disrupted by a beautiful woman named Rosie. That sounds like the premise of every romantic story, but due to Don’s Asperger’s-related social ineptitude, the course of events that follows is unconventional and entertaining to read. You can’t help but root for Don and Rosie. Rating: A-

Kevin: As many online reviewers have noted, the plot is basically “Sheldon Cooper Finds a Wife,” and Bill Gates really likes it. I had no trouble finishing this book. The dialogue flows smoothly, the short chapters push the plot nicely, and there are exciting and touching moments. I especially like the narrator’s speech patterns and admire his learning abilities. And I definitely understand the premise of his “Wife Project.”

(Spoilers ahead!)

What bothers me is this: the ending is sweet and predictable, yet frustratingly unsatisfying. It seems like Don betrays his own principles and rationalizes it by saying he’s in “love,” which just isn’t enough for me. He starts off with one extreme viewpoint and ends with another; a more nuanced conclusion would have been more satisfying (and useful for my personal life, I admit). But I guess what I’m looking for can’t be found in a short novel, so I shouldn’t be too bothered. Rating: A-

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