Blindsight – Peter Watts

Albert: I found this book difficult to read. The prose was not difficult, but the style was atypical and I had trouble following where the story was going most of the time. In particular, I felt like I never had a good grasp of who each character was, which made it hard for me to care whenever the characters were interacting with the narrator. However, the fictional world in this book was commendably more sophisticated than those in most science fiction books I’ve read. And on the rare occasion I was able to focus on the story, there were some interesting philosophical tidbits. I just lacked the patience to read the story more slowly and be invested in it. Rating: C

Kevin: I read this book rather quickly, because for the most part, I find the narrator too wordy. I’m positive this diminished what I got out of the book, but I’d rather finish stumbling than exhaust myself reading. Also, I often didn’t completely understand what was happening; I suspect this was a problem on my end, but maybe I shouldn’t blame myself.

Anyway, this book surely qualifies as “hard” science fiction, and it presents many thought-provoking ideas, as science fiction should. But somehow, my favorite moments were the narrator’s interactions with his ex-girlfriend; a lot of his thoughts there resonated strongly with me. Rating: B-

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