A Man Called Ove – Fredrik Backman

Albert: This was a simple story with a protagonist who you can’t help but grow to love and admire. It reminded me a bit of The Pleasure of My Company, albeit with a less idiosyncratic protagonist. Reading this book shortly after finishing The Stand was like taking a relaxing bath after being stranded in the forest for months; I felt very grateful for the deft writing, smart characters, and excellent pacing. All in all, this is a charming book, though perhaps not the most memorable one I’ve read. Rating: A-

Kevin:¬†This is a feel-good, easy read about a stubborn old man dealing with unpleasant surprises. The plot reminds me of the comedy TV series Curb Your Enthusiasm, which I recently discovered and quite enjoy watching. What really stuck out to me from the book was the author’s proliferate use of analogies. I found them quite amusing at first, but grew tired of them as they kept popping up. Also, the characters often seem too much like caricatures, but overall, they develop pleasantly and the story flows well. Rating: B+

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