We Were Liars – E. Lockhart

Albert: This book was on my want-to-read list. It turned out to be one of the saddest books I’ve read in recent memory, probably since The Fault in Our Stars. While both books revolved around the same broad themes of love and loss, The Fault in Our Stars was more openly emotional. We Were Liars carried a different tone — the plot consisted of Cadence, the main character, trying to remember something horrible in her past, which created a lot of suspense. Overall, it was a well-crafted page-turner, but I think the reveal left a little to be desired. I also thought that most of the characters other than Cadence as well as her relationships with them were not developed enough. Rating: B+

Kevin: I found the beginning kind of slow, so it took me a while to really get started, but this book is actually quite a breezy read. The story follows the struggles of Cadence, a teenage girl, after she experiences a traumatic incident. The characters (Cadence and her friends, in particular) seemed pretty shallow, though I might just be ageist. Compared to some other books we’ve read, We Were Liars doesn’t have much going on plot-wise, but I did find this aspect somewhat refreshing. Rating: B

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