The Pleasure of My Company – Steve Martin

Albert: Even though the plot of the book was simple, I really enjoyed it. The main character has OCD and was a fascinating narrator. I think his longing for the women in the periphery of his life speaks to  a universal theme of loneliness. I’m usually partial to plot twists and page-turners, but after reading this book, I found that I can also enjoy character-driven stories — the genuine, first-person narration was captivating in its own sort of way. The only thing I didn’t like as much was the ending, which felt a little rushed and unrealistic in comparison to the rest of the book. Rating: A

Kevin: I read this book back in early high school, and I recently remembered it when thinking about my own life. It’s a short, little book about one man’s search for love, or at least his perception of it. I found a lot of his humor quite relatable and amusing, and the story moves quickly and fairly seamlessly. The ending leaves much to be desired, but overall, I enjoyed reading this light book. Rating: A-

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