Levels of the Game – John McPhee

Kevin: Albert is a big fan of tennis, so I thought this book would be appropriate. It focuses on one tennis match between Arthur Ashe and Clark Graebner, but its content extends well beyond the description of the match. In particular, it covers race issues, playing styles, personalities, and other developments leading to the match. All of this is presented in a clear, engaging manner interspersed with dramatic highlights of the match itself.

I was actually fortunate enough to visit Arthur Ashe Stadium earlier this year, with Albert and another friend of his. I had a great time there, and now I’m glad that I’ve acquired a bit of insight into the life of Arthur Ashe, and much more, through reading this short, elucidating book. Rating: A

Albert: I never read this book because I couldn’t find a copy… so Kevin got to propose another book (The Pleasure of My Company).

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