The White Tiger – Aravind Adiga

Albert: I chose this book because I already had a copy of it and my friend said it was good. So Kevin got to read it too! The White Tiger is about an Indian entrepreneur who tells his story about how he escaped his poor rural village to arrive at where he is now.

This is the second book set in India that I remember reading (the first being Behind the Beautiful Forevers) and I liked this one a lot too. I know very little about Indian society, so getting a glimpse of the class divisions and corruption in India was very interesting. The narrator is also an honest and witty person, which makes reading his story enjoyable. Rating: A-

Kevin: This is a fairly quick read about an Indian villager struggling to transcend his family and caste. I enjoyed the plot and characters, but my favorite part of the book is the pacing. The story moves forward very nicely, and a lot can happen in just a few pages, but it never feels rushed or lacking. Rating: A

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